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della Valle

Journalist, Anchorwoman
and Broadcast writer
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Who i am

della Valle

Here i am...Francesca della Valle!

Multifaceted and volcanic, I always create new dimensions from my first steps.
The passion for the world of culture / entertainment and for communication has always guided my creative and professional path.
Graduated in literature and philosophy, graduated in solfeggio and piano I ranged from literature to all forms of art. Music, theater and cinema were my first loves but I certainly did not stop here.

From events to TV I have collaborated, as anchor woman and journalist, with V.I.P: of the world of entertainment, culture and cinema including: Lando Buzzanca, Mario Monicelli,  Biagio Izzo, Fichi d'India, Maurizio Casagrande, Vincenzo Salemme, Carlo Buccirosso, Gianni Nazzaro, Sandro Giacobbe, James Senese, Pupi Avati, Francesco Giorgino, Beppe Ferrara, Ciriaco De Mita, i Pooh, Marco Baldini, Massimo Dapporto, Eugenio Bennato, Edoardo Bennato, Pino D'Angiò, Valentino Parlato.

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Press and communication board to make great your events

The passion for my job is infinite.

I had fun as a special correspondent for Radio Kiss Kiss and for the Maltese Tvm2 government network at the Sanremo Festival 2013/2014 and 2015.

But my experience in Sanremo does not end here, in fact, in 2016 I participated in the festival as jury and I conceived and conduct the program.

"Sanremo in the World".

della Valle

Do you want to know my works and my multiple artistic collaborations?
Get comfortable and enter my YouTube channel
I wait for you!!

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Program writer and anchorwoman

And it does not end here...! The world of entertainment and writing see me as an author and presenter.

My first work was "Cultpurnia" multitasking project which included, besides a record work (Cultpurnia the unexpected) and the book (Cara, Francesca ...), a TV and Web broadcast of entertainment, cultural show and, for the more attentive People, also of reflection.

Last work, in chronological order, is "La Signora in Bianco", directed by Lando Buzzanca.
A broadcast dedicated to the spouses and their guests, treated lightly and professionally, through a team of consultants and matter experts.

A revolutionary, ironic and fun project is the Sit Com "Casa Buzzanca"; the fil rouge is diversity understood as a push to changing.
The protagonists are Francesca della Valle , and Maestro Lando Buzzanca, also engaged in directing.

Press & communication board


I can say that the world of communication is tailored for me perfectly. Since 1998 I have been dealing with political, cultural and entertainment press and communication board.

My latest project as Chief of the press and communication board with FdV COMMUNICATION was WWWMedicine - conceived by me - a new model of networks dedicated to medicine.

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Honors and awards
September 2017

Lifetime Achievement Award Sicily Region.

April 2017

Professional Award from the Municipality of the city of Andria.

May 2016

Recognition by the Senator of Shanghai ZHU Yuhua and by the Vatican City Monsignor Giuseppe Liberto as a journalist, excellent leading figure abroad, popularizing Italian excellence in the world.

January 2016

Recognition by the Kingdom of Saints Peter and Paul and by Admor as an excellent journalist who represents the best of Italy in the world.

November 2015

Scugnizzo D'Oro Award as journalist, author, Italian excellence in the world.

April 2015

Award in the Grand Gala of Excellence as a leading journalist in culture, art, entertainment, medicine in the world.

December 2012

Organizer in Dubay as Testimonial of the Italian excellence of the culture as "Golden Woman", in the big event, on the private island of Sheikh Ahmad bin Said al Maktum.

August 2009

Award as Actress and Producer at the Valva Film Festival.

March 2009

"Sole D'Oro" Prize of the Municipality of Salerno for her artistic and entrepreneurial activity.

June 2004

Theater Award 20/30 years - Viterbo - as theatrical protagonist of the comedy "From Thursday to Thursday".

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For Press and Communication board, Projects or Collaborations
you could contact me

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